Sun Salutation

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 14037)

(8 counts per movement sequence - go nice and slow - around 125 bpm)

Start: ball is in front of your legs, positioned wide apart with the ball in between.

(Repeat on the other leg)

* For beginners, I always tell them that lunge and plank should be done with tummy on the ball, to develop the proper core strength. Instead of concentrating on working the abdominals they should try to maintain balance and awareness of balance on the ball.

I am a yoga fan and have adapted several yoga moves to my stability ball class. This is one of my favorites, which I teach after the warmup potion of the class.

This is my version of the yoga sun salutation on the ball.

Breath is really important and I have programmed the following so that you start the sequence on an inhale and end on an exhale, so that when done repetitively (around 4 times) it forms a lovely cycle of movement.

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From: Manila (The Philippines)
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