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This is my first entry, please bear with me. For directional purposes I'll use north, south, east and west. Standing behind the bench is south, etc.

Combination #1

Approach: South, facing west. Right lead.

Combination #2

Approach: West, facing east. Right lead.

Combination #3

Approach: South, facing north. Left lead.

*Straddle-lunge: I cue as up-up, lunge-lunge. Remember you are straddling the bench while doing the lunges and you will want to travel back so on counts 15 & 16 you will exit the east end.

**Shuffle-jack: One foot is on top, the other's on the floor, on counts 3 & 4 you are exiting and turning to face the other direction at the same time, and then you will jack 2 times. Here is the cue for the left lead: "Left, left, exit right-left, jack two times."

***Hop turn straddle: Let's use the left as the lead leg. From the south, step left on east corner & hop turn to the east end of the bench so you are facing the west end, step right and hop turn your back against the west and straddle down left and right so you are facing east. So you have now done a complete 360. I call it straddle hop turn around the east or west.

****Sweep-march: Left lead steps on count #1, while right leg sweeps around on counts 2,3,& 4, then steps down onto the floor to march for 4 counts and then the right lead repeats. To introduce: I have students start off by just stepping up and holding their foot up to practice balance for counts 2,3 & 4 and let them get used to the counts. When they are ready, I introduce the leg sweep that is always optional.

Please forgive me my wordiness. I have wanted to contribute for quite some time, but have hesitated for just this reason. I hope that you can decipher what in the world I'm talking about! Email me if you have questions. Melissa Parsons

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From: Millport, Alabama (USA)
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