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Explaining time:

* Grapevine/3 knees: turn the knees, but bring them back the way you came.

** Tapover your bench: right foot leads from the "rock back part" of the chasse...that is why you have to cue them to stay close or they will never make it. Take right foot and tap it completely over the step onto the floor facing west (1). Left foot taps the top of the step (2). Left foot returns to home (3). Right foot comes back to home (4). Repeat on left foot, this time facing east.

***360 Basic: some call it a reverse basic, but you exit home. So you are stepping up wide, right foot to left side of bench facing the back of the room (1). Left foot comes on top of the step on the right side (2)-- now you are in wide stance facing back of the room. Exit facing front (you have made a complete circle). Easy to do...hard to explain.

****Triple steps and march: consists of 2 triple steps (or chachas). The first one shifts the weight on the step, the second one shifts the weight on the floor. Then march 4 (with a turn) around the short end of the step. The next "slide knee" starts from the front with the Left foot stepping up all the way over to the left side of the step as you FACE FRONT with the 3 slide knees.

*****Stomp cross (behind)/rock back: side approach from the front of the step, facing east. Right foot steps up (1), left foot goes to home (2). March march. Then the march march can become a little rock back.

^ Single side squat: instead of a step knee lift, it's a step, tap out to the side. Right foot leads: step up(1), left foot taps out wide on the floor to the left side of room (2), march/march at home (3,4).

^^Double side squat: step up right (1), left foot taps wide out to the left (2), left foot taps in toward home (3), left foot taps out again to the left (4), march/march home (5/6).

^^^Corner/box step and shuffle: diagonal, box step around short, shuffle to home.

^^^^Reverse up/up lunge/knee exit: starts like a reverse basic. The "lunge/knee exit" faces the front of the room, so you do make a complete circle with the move. It also works without the reverse if don't want to get too fancy--that's the base move :)

Pheewww! I think I burned a few calories just writing it!

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