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Hi all

Here is my latest:
Level: advanced
Bench: horizontal
Tapfree, 64 count self-reversing (total 128 per combo), self-reversing and crossphrasing where indicated.
Assumes a right lead, explanations follow each combo

Combo I (mild crossphrasing)

Total counts 64

** Walk the bench: step up right (1), left (1), step down in front of the bench right (1), left (1), pivot with right foot (2) walk back to bench, right (1), left (1)

*** Repeater L-step, right foot on the bench, step off left side as in any normal L-step (2), right knee will be in the air, therefore, step forward with right foot (1) while lift left knee step, back left foot (1) while lifting right knee.

**** V-hangover - done from the side of the bench, this V-step uses both the bench and the floor. Step out wide right (1) foot on bench, step out left (1) foot on floor. Right foot returns to floor while you step in (1), left foot beside right (1)

I posted this pattern already on the chat boards under moves, when someone asked for intense choreography.

Combo II (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

** Turn the V-step. After you do the regulars right V-step, simply turn on the floor to face the back, left corner of the room and do another V-step on the floor with the right lead.

*** Cross the mambo, from the straddle postion, simply cross the right foot over the bench and mambo on the floor.

Combo III

Total 64 counts

** 1/2 Rocking horse, curl knee only.

*** Orbit - step up right, left (2) as if you are going to do a diagonal, as you step down right, left,(2) turn your body so that you end up facing the direction you just came from.

**** O-step - I see that some people call this by other names but this is what I call an O-step, turn straddle, turn straddle, so that you end up in a straddle position, not exiting the bench

Combo IV (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

** & ***
I teach a very advanced class and I had trouble getting them to understand this one. Remember it's TAPFREE, which means that you will change lead legs every time.

I broke it down, by knee of small end first(**)you have to turn to face the length of step, as you exit. Then we stayed at the small end, practising the basic. We changed the basic to alternating curls (all done from small end). We changed the alternating curls to curl straddle, curl exit *** (you have to turn your body here, in order to keep the tapfree going) I found that if I cued the turn, they would do something like a pivot. If I ignored the turn and just let them follow their feet naturally, it worked out better.

So it is actually, knee of small end, turning to face length of bench, basic left, right curl, straddle, left curl exit (on away side) turn your body and repeat all. So you actually do both sets at the same end of the bench, just changing all feet.

I hope you enjoy these patterns, as always email questions or comments


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