"7-Up" Style - Jacque's #1 (tapless)

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13930)

Thanks to Sonia & Carole for their input and ideas!

Boards are arranged in the shape of a "7" with the corners touching.
Key: IC = Inside corner OC = Outside corner H = Home A = Away

W End*     HOME     *
     *              *
     ********************** OC
                 IC *     *
                    *  A  *
                    *  W  *
                    *  A  *
                    *  Y  *
                    *     *
                     S End

Assume right lead, beginning on the Home board. 64 counts -- the first 32 is self-reversing and will put you on the Away board to begin on a left lead. I chose to add 32 counts of L-steps to give their mind a break before the next combo.

Repeat with left lead hamcurl on Away OR add 32 counts of L-steps which travel back & forth between south end of Away & west end of Home.

* I cued this as "stomp-shuffle-turn". To introduce it, I first did a mambo-cha-cha from the south end toward home, and mambo-cha-cha back to the south end -- 2 times for a total of 16 counts. Then demo the shuffle-turn around the west end of home board & back.

Email me with questions.


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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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