Saturday Morning Fun (intermediate)

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Hi everyone! It has been sometime since I've contributed, so I thought I'd give back. Some of what you'll find is borrowed from this very site. If you see something that is yours, thank you!

Combos are NOT all tapless, but you'll find that some are! All are self-reversing, 32 counts, and begin with right lead. Step is horizontal. See bottom of combos for explaination of advanced moves.

Combo 1:

Repeat combo with left lead

Combo 2:

Repeat combo with left lead, facing the back of the room

Combo 3:

Repeat combo with left lead

Combo 4:

Repeat with left lead, facing the back of the room

Combo 5:

Repeat with left lead

Combo 6:

Repeat with left lead

Explanations of advanced/different moves:

*Step up right, left, lunge right, then left from top of the box, step down right then left. 8 count move.

**X-step= 1 V-step on the box (4 counts), 1 V-step on the floor stepping back (5), back (6), then forward (7), forward (8). 8 count move

***2 Double Taps with a ball change= 2 taps on the left side of the box (these are quick taps on counts 1,2) then a ball change to change lead feet (counts 3,4) repeat on other side with taps on right side (counts 5,6) with another ball change to switch back to a right lead (ball change counts on 7,8)

****Special K= K-step forward (step tap up in middle of box, step tap down move forward 4 counts) walk or jog around short end of box (4 counts) to repeat your K-step on the north side of the box (4 counts). To end the move, walk or jog back home. (4 counts)

Alright! I have a few more that we went through, but I'm getting the "let's go to dinner" from the husband! If you have any questions, please let me know. I never know how detailed to make explanations fo things... Lastly, please ignore the spelling errors and typos. I try to check things over, but always miss something.


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From: Cow Country, Iowa (USA)
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