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Hello! This is one of the routines I used in my interval class. This covers a 75 minute class, but since it is segmented into one minute intervals an instructor with less time could adjust it to meet his/her class schedule. Here it goes...

The format - mix of cardio and athletic activities

Equipment needed - bench with risers, stability ball, jump rope, hand weights (a set of light and heavy)

The Workout:

The following aerobic formats are segmented into approximately six, one minute intervals, alternating between a moderate, high and recovery or low level/intensity activity. *Note - I didn't include the break down because with only one minute it is best to keep it simple. There are about four 32 count phrases to a minute. Also, I realize six minutes doing six different formats doesn't add up to 45 minutes - so every now and then you will see a minute tacked on here and there. Plus, there is time figured into the workout for transitions, etc.


Cardio Ball - feet (arms)

Jump roping - feet (hands)

Cardio Kickboxing

Hi/lo drills

Clear off the equipment from the center aerobic area

Partner Drills

Have the particpants partner up and line up two deep against the long end of the room. One partner will be doing a low intensity activity while the other is doing a high intensity level activity. After one minute, the partners switch activities.

Whew! I hope I got it all. If I forgot something or you have any questions, then email me.

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