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This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 13995)

I love this one. I think my class does also, they just don't say.

Have the class get into two lines parallel to each other facing the front of the room. The two people at the front of each line do jacks while the others are doing lunges. (I have the front people do 10 jacks.) When they are finished with their jacks, they run to the back of the line and start doing lunges. The next person in line moves up and starts their jacks. The lunges are in place and are forward lunges; however, they can be backward lunges also. Everyone continues their lunges until the last person reaches the back of the line and the first two people are back at the front of the line. In cases where I have a class with less people, the class goes through the line twice. Other modifications - people at the front do lunges while everyone else does jacks, people in front do pushups while everyone else does jacks. There are lots of possibilities. Have fun with it!

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From: Champaign, Illinois (USA)
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