Double Trouble!

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 13999)

Hello fellow instructors! This is my first double step submission, although I have posted many others in different catagories. Hope you like it and have fun!!

Finished pattern and extra info follows.

Vertical benches
L     R

Ok, here we go....
Starting on the outside of left bench, facing forward

***If we get through this by the end, I add:

(go back to curl travel facing other way on the other bench)

Ok, the rocking horse straddle in an 8 count step. Begin straddle with right foot, it starts on top of the step because it was already in the 'air' from the rocking horse.

Step on the short end 1, 2, step off the short end 3,4, pivot on 5,6 and step together 7,8. Up up, lunge side to side, exit.

(I added the two turnsteps because my class was not comfortable going right into the T, but for advanced students you can take them out)

T-step..we all know this one? Up up, step off the short end of the back, up up, exit exit. I do it without the tap, some students like the tap so however they get over there is ok!!

Walk away Joe...My personal favorite step...diagonal travel on the other bench 1,2...step down walking 3,4...pivot turn 5,6..walk home 7,8.

M&M...go over both benches (you are facing front now, starting at outside of right bench) and then do it again. You should be at the top of the phrase. For advance students, you could make them revolving M's...(really a revolving A on both benches)

2 Count repeater and walk backwards to center (self-explaining)

Curl travel with natural lead foot, whichever bench your lead foot is next to. Transfer benches without turning the other direction and do 1 3 count repeater. I usually only have time to do this part once or twice by the time they get the other stuff. Believe it or not, beginner students have more trouble with the rocking horse straddle than the other steps! It is a really fun pattern, Let me know if you have any questions or comments by email! Thank you for all your questions and comments on previous patterns! I am still growing as an instructor even after 16 years!!

Happy teaching!
Corrie : )

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From: Thompsons Station, Tennessee (USA)
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