Seriously Sweaty Step

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I teach a class full of marathon runners and athletic individuals. I have gotten so many ideas from this site (thank you very much) so I hope that the below is something of use to you in some way.

Combo 1

Combo II

"cute" repeater breakdown (teach starting with two basics)
Step knee tap down in front, place foot back on step (1-2-3-4)
Other leg swings (crosses) front and swings to side then place it down on floor behind you (keep other leg on step)
Go right to box step and outer single squat. (Hard to explain but keep in mind if left knee lifts up, then left leg stays on step with left box step and left outer squat out on floor)

*Cross walk is a 4 count walk to side away from step (cross lead leg over, walk, cross lead leg back behind you, walk. Proceed to go back to step with 1/2 grapevine, step knee......)

* Over the top "crazy" knees (it is an over the top with inner knee lift and 5 knees to follow it)
2nd knee: place on step behind you. Now 1/4 turn yourself and
3rd and 4th knee: (straddling over the step)
5th Knee: pop back knee (landing in front of step)
1/4 turn your body and finish off with last knee. Up up on step and lounge (side) x 3 with exit off same side you started on.

For example, if first knee is at west end, then 3rd and 4th knees are at east end. If you did this as I do, you will end up where you started.

It's not so easy having to explain step patterns, so I hope you understand the above. Thanks for making me inspired with your ideas.

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