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Hello from sunny South Florida! I teach kickboxing at my gym on Saturdays, and the participants are pretty advanced. To spice it up, I add cardio intervals (and sometimes toning intervals) throughout the class. This was my latest, and worked out pretty well. 32-counts, self-reversing

Combo 1 (facing front of room)

Combo 2 (diagonal approach)

Combo 3 (facing front of room)

Combo 4 (facing front of room)

**Flurry high/low: cross punches to the front, right and left, 1 punch per count. Aim the flurry at head level for the "high" part, and aim the flurry at hip or thigh level for the "low" part.

***Run the rope slow/fast: pick up an imaginary jump rope, "run" it with high knees 8x (8 counts) for the "slow" part. Run high knees 16x (still 8 counts) for the "fast" part - think "flashdance"!

Cardio intervals: front kicks with lunges back, suicides, side to side lunges, jacks, ski legs.

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From: West Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
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