Kickboxing With Bags

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 14014)


Repeat other side

Start off doing each individual move 8x's, then 4, then 2, til you get to doing each thing once.

*The double roundhouse is two kicks with no tap down in between. Cue participants to aim for the upper part of bag then the lower. You want to see the contraction and extension in their leg.


Repeat other side

**The hop turn is while standing with right foot closest to bag and left foot away hop to change the feet to left close and right away, then hop again to go back to origin. These are VERY quick, 1,2. Like a boxer.

**As you end your roundhouse you continue turning towards your left until you are all the way around (back to the bag) Go into the left backhand.

These are actually fighting moves. Encourage participants to work at thier own pace. They do not have to stay in time with music. Form is most important here. The muscles will work harder if each move is concentrated.

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