Tour De France Triathalon

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 14016)

I dress the part in bike shorts and shirt and hat if possible

We use the whole length of the pool

Participants ride a noodle the entire class--this is not your grandma's Easy Does It Class

It starts in the deep warming up biking in a circle with reverses for 5 minutes

Then we bike in a circle for two rounds with a huge leg movements as if riding a bike with a great big wheel and stretch the opposite arm to reach and pull

Then, using guided imagery, I have them start biking faster from deep to shallow--remind them to lift legs in shallow so as not to touch bottom. I give them images to pass by, scenery, people they see and wave to, family cheering them on, food shops, coffee houses, lakes, forests, etc etc---all the while talking about the end of the race and the rewards--cheeses and crusty bread, bubbling champagne and chocolate covered strawberries adoring autograph seekers.

Continue the biking section varying the speed--uphill, downhill, big bike, small bike for about 15 minutes.

When you get them back to the deep end after 15 minutes, have them put noodle on side and get a little training before the next part of the race. Do push and pulls on the wall, wall climbing, abs pulling straight legs which they let float up in back to the wall while facing it etc.

Next is the swimming part. Push noodle down in front of hips and flutter kick to shallow--go back. Put noodle behind back and under arms and flutter kick backwards using arms to assist---return. Put needle under belly and frog kick to shallow using breaststrke arms. Stop in shallow. Have them stand up at waist deep and simulate swimming just with arms with legs firmly planted, knees bent and leaning forward. So, they do, breast stroke 1 minute. Freestyle, l minute, backstroke, l minute and butterfly l minute. All the while keep yaking up the race and scenery and rewards.

Next is the running part. Again they ride the noodle and jog up and down the length of the pool with jogging arms until time is up. You can toss in some cross country ski also, just make up something about snow falling unexpectedly.

Then, of course everyone is a winner! Stretch in shallow using noodle and serve sparkling white grape juice and chocolate-covered strawberries or even bread and cheeses, but somewhere the pool management would like it served, if you know what I mean.

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