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This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 14023)

Hi everyone, big thanks to all who post their ideas and I hope you can use this one. My class loves it and really gets their heart rates up! Starting with a right lead

Part 1 - Bits & Pieces

You are still facing the right wall and you repeat the above set until you end up facing the front again. Basically you are making a square shape, facing a new wall each time you perform the second jack. Always travelling to the right. I break down the routine to begin with, starting with the grapevine and two step touches on the spot, then getting them to travel forward on the step touch and then add on two jacks and the V-step, before introducing the 1/4 turn to the right.

Part 2 - Hollywood Legs

Part 3 - Jog & Jack


Part 4 Crazy Legs

It's a bit long but I hope it's clear - email me if confused! Repeat whole routine left lead and repeat again on right then left again

Crazy legs - break down
Repeater right knee twice (four counts)
2 Alternate curls left and right 4 counts
Repeat knee l 2 counts. Once they have mastered it change the left repeateer to a double (cue up over up and back), then once thay have mastered that add on the alternate knee 180 turn. This is a total of 16 counts so repeat it again after the 180 turn.

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From: Cleveland, England (United Kingdom)
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