Semi-Advanced Fun

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14431)

All combos are self-reversing unless othewise noted. Begin right lead, horizontal step. Further explanations follow below. Have fun!!!!!

Combo 1

*Helicopter - This is a 4 count move. If on right lead, begin by stepping the right foot on top of the bench, at the corner (1). The left foot then takes two small steps around the small end of the bench (2, 3) then the right foot exits (4). Basically, this is just a small 4 count move around the little end of the step. To make it more fun and add intensity, bring the arms out at shoulder level as if they were "helicopter wings"

** Go on top of the bench (1,2) Step the right foot back off of the step, then stomp the left foot and bring the right foot back on top (3, 4, 5) left foot then steps off the back of the bench, right foot stomps, then left foot comes back on top (6, 7, 8). From the top of the step, exit off the front, then take two steps forward and pivot around on the floor, then walk two steps back to the bench and pivot over.

***Basically V-steps with direction. The first V-step is on top of the bench, the second moves toward the back of the room on the floor. Both are done with the lead leg.

Combo 2

* After doing a quarter pivot to the small end (counts 1-4), go on top of the step immediately with the left leg and lift the right, then switch and lift the left leg (5,6,7,8) straddle down (9.10) march back 4 (11, 12, 13, 14)

** From the straddle, come on top of the step and bring the right knee up, then the left, moving slightly forward on the step. After the left knee comes up, mambo forward (or rock forward) off the small end of the step, then step behind on top. From there, straddle down, and bring the left foot over the step to meet the right.

Combo 3

* Hamstring pop back - as you do a hamstring curl, do a reverse pivot over the step.

Sorry if this is confusing, but if you have any questions, please email me!!!

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