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Hi as always thanks to everyone for your workouts! Here is my offering which I hope you can use.

Take your participants to one end of the pool making sure you have enough room to run up to the other end.

Once they are all gathered down one end I tell them that they are going to run through the water until I shout "Turn" when do they turn to face the other direction and kick in front of them still travelling in the same direction (so now they would be travelling backwards) then shout "turn" the turn back and continue to run forwards until they reach the other end.

Then get them to Tuck Jump forwards shout turn they turn 180 and they tuck jump backwards shout turn they tuck jump forwards until they reach the end.

Then I get them to do a full 360 turn so they run forwards I shout turn they jump and turn a whole 360 and coninue running to the end.

I get them to tuck jump shout turn they turn 360 and continue to tuck jump to the end. You can add as many turns in as you like!

This took up some time and I just added it into the routine so did a whole aerobic routine then added this to finish on they really enjoyed the change and the challenge!

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