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Hi everyone, I visit this sight alot for new ideas and I thought I should share some of my ideas too. I use multiple muscle groups when I teach so that I can get alot in in my 45 minute class, so here goes...

1. At the wall, low back on the ball at the top of your butt, sit down until your knees are at 45 degree to the ankles. With this as your start position roll up 2 down 2, for 8 times, now from your start roll butt down as far as you can to floor, (this is for advance participants only), now go all the way up for 4 count and as low as you can for 4 until they ask to stop, you will know. I use hand weights and do bicep curls, simple is best here as the squats kill. See if they can get their butts to the floor?

2. Seated on the ball, tubing under your butt, arms up in position to do military presses, now one at a time press up (8 each arm alternating), now do 8 with both arms and alternate one leg lift at a time. It is harder than it sounds: your stability is challenged.

3. Prone over the ball with a elastic or tubing (tied together in a circle) around both of your ankles, feet are wide open on the floor and your hips, belly button and bottom ribs are on the ball, now lift your legs up and cue for them to contract there butts and lift up and down with tension on the elastic or tubing, do several times then hold up and just open and close the legs keeping the elastic tense through out the movement, you could also pulse open, again this is tough so lots of cueing to be sure they don't roll forward and back and activate the low back. For new people they could eliminate the tubing altogether, it's agood one if done correctly.

I have lots more too email me.

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From: St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada)
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