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Hi Everyone, love to read all the new stuff! Here's a few bits and pieces...

1. From a march, here's a 4 count move.
Two low roundhouse kicks without a tap in between, followed by a right left march. Cue "kick, kick, march, march." Check for pointed ankles, shoe laces forward not up, no floppy ankles. Left guard hand to right shoulder, right hand past and behind hip, on the right kicks. Next, raise the kicks waist high to engage the obliques, followed by a set of low then high. On that last set, they are having to work some fast twich muscle fibers to get that kicking leg from low to high with the beat. By the time they have completed 3 sets of 8 of these kicks on each side, they can really feel a burn in their obliques. This set can also be done with front ball kicks.

2. From a march, here's another 4 count move, 3 sets of 8.
Step forward right, left knee, plant left, tap back right. Focus on curling your abs on the knee, rounding the back, hips and shoulders drawing close, exhale and pull down explosively. After 8, add a lunge on the tap back, punching the right hand to the ground. After 8, turn the knee to a high ball kick, with your guard hands like goalposts, foot in the goal. Still crunch those abs every kick. To get to the other side, do all ball kicks for 6, then single, single, double (right, left, right, right) any number of times, finishing with a double right ball kick, then march left right. Start the drill on the other side now.

Feel free to email me with any questions...

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