Boot Camp Madness #2

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Just last week, I taught a class that everyone seemed to enjoy...

It was the same type of material as talked about in the previous "bootcamp ideas", but I made it a relay. I had 4 groups. I set the benches up so they made lanes for each team.

  1. The first person of each group went to the front of the room and picked up a medicine ball.
  2. Then they did a wall sit and took the ball across their body 8 times (touching the wall side to side), working their side obliques.
  3. They then turned back to the wall and did wall jumps with the ball above their heads 5 xs.
  4. Next, they dropped the ball and left the room to take a lap around the track.
  5. When they got back, they picked their medicine ball back up and ran to the next person on their team.
  6. They did a chest pass with their partner 5 times.
  7. The ball was now in their partners hand, and it was their turn to go. (repeat the steps above)

When the whole team finished, the last person ran the ball to me. Game's over.

While everyone was waiting their turn, I made them do whatever I was doing... (I always do things in intervals- high intensity aerobic, followed by high intensity anaerobic.

I hope this helped! Enjoy.

Oh, I also try to give them a "quote for the day" at the end of class. They always seem to look forward to this.

Thanks, Karen

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From: Winston Salem, North Carolina (USA)
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