Saturday Morning Sweatin' Good Time

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Greetings to everyone on turnstep! Recently I've found myself "borrowing" but it has been quite some time since I've contributed. If you recognize any of your material, thanks for your awesome ideas/combos!!!!

These are the combos I used just yesterday morning and we left dripping with sweat. I'll also include examples of cardio bursts we did to REALLY pump that heart rate up.

All combos can assume right lead, are 32 counts, and are self-reversing. NOT ALL combos are tapless!!!

Here we go:

Repeat left side. You may have to cue to step left the first few times after finishing the jack

Repeat on the left side

Repeat on the left side

Each turnstep is still 4 counts, particpants simply push the back foot further back and add a propulsion to increase heartrate. "Normal" turnsteps would be resting/recovery for this interval.

Repeat from the N side of the step, facing the back of the room with a left lead. You will have to cue which foot to step with for the turnstep until the class goes through it a few times

After the class has a good grip in this combo, I call the two V-steps an X-step

Jacks can be high, or low. They can be cross-leg in front for inner thighs, or wide/low step touch with jack arms (only to should heighth) for deltiods. I usually use the step touch for the recovery position.

Repeat on the left side

Repeat on the left side

It really helps my class to cue which direction to face, and which foot to step with for the turnstep after the grapevines

Be sure to show all 3 levels for this interval as particpants need somewhere to go if they get tired quickly.

Repeat on the left side

For a more advanced class, you can turn the first L-step so that you do the split basic facing the back wall. You simply turn the second L-step to come back to the beginning position on the step for the chug&squeeze

Repeat on left side

That's it! (That's enough!!!) Please don't hesitate to email me with questions or suggestions/ideas! It's always nice to hear from other instructors!

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