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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14385)

This routine was made up during a step class. Each move was given to me by one of the participants and I put them together adding a little embelishment here and there.

This is my first entry and I hope you'll be able to understand everything. Thanks to everyone on this site for the moves I have borrowed. Enjoy!

Step is horizontal. I taught each move and treated it like an add-on routine until I had enough moves to count it out in 32 count phrases.

Combination #1:

Begin right leg lead facing the step

Combination #2:

Combination #3:

(here you are facing the back of the room)

You can make your own choice on whether you begin the whole routine again facing the back on either the right or left leg lead or you can repeat the third combination on the right lead by itself, face the front of the room and begin the routine on the left lead. It's all up to you. Thanks to my step class for making my job so easy!

*V-step in a box - 1 V-step facing front on step, 1 hangover V-step facing a side wall, 1 V-step facing back on the floor, 1 hangover V-step facing the other side wall.

**Revolving door - up & over on the right lead, up & over on the right lead again or up & over on the left lead, up & over on the left lead again. I teach it as up & over right, march right facing the back, up & over right again, march right facing front and break it down from there. I call it as revolving door right or revolving door left.

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From: McKeesport, Pennsylvania (USA)
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