Bootcamp Water Resistance

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Greetings! For all of you have have shared "bootcamp" kinds of ideas, this one is for you!!! Thank you for all of the different ideas! I've used many, many bootcamp submissions in my classes!

During the month of June, my YMCA offers what they call a "bootcamp." We advertise it as a way to "achieve your next fitness level." We take the participant through many kinds of aerobic, muscle, stretching, and relaxation kinds of activities.

This morning I taught a water reistance class for my bootcampers. It was kind of a mix between a water aerobics and muscle sculpting class using stations. Here's how it worked:

I had 12 stations set up prior to the class arriving at 5am. The stations were:

The stations were labeled with a paper that had the activity written on it, which was inside a plastic paper protector. (The papers still got soaked...)

I had the participants do each station for 2 minutes, giving the cue for halfway if their station needed them to switch lead legs. After 2 minutes, I blew my whistle one time, and that was their cue to change stations. 15 seconds later, I blew my whistle again and shouted that they should be at their next station at that time. (That was how I got them to HUSTLE to change stations. If they were moving from a station in the deep water to a shallow water station across the pool they were to SWIM to get from one end to the other.)

After they had completed 5 stations, I gave 2 quick whistle blows to indicate everyone meeting in the middle of the pool for a full group activity. Our full group activites were:

High Knees moving in a circle, followed by hamstring curls moving in a circle, and finally front kicks moving in a circle. Once we got a nice current going, I had them about face and move in the opposite direction to work against the current and then I had them switch to hamstring curls. (I've never heard adults whine so much.)

Jump series of vertical jumps, tucks, and frog jumps, 10 each, 3 sets.

Slalom jumps. Knees into chest, feet move to jump left and right. We have black lap lanes painted on the bottom of the pool, so I told them to jump over the lines and not let their feet touch. We then moved these jumps forward and back for 4 counts (4 sets), and then turned towards the deep and did it again.

I had several people who had never done any sort of water aerobics, so we did some jogging from shallow to deep (our deep is 5 and 1/2 feet) and then took them through the stations to introduce them to the activities, and to continue warming up. The class lasted an hour. We also did standing water abs with one hand weight and some good stretching at the end.

This is a lot of information all at once. It may seem a bit more complex then it actually is. If you have any questions at all about anything listed here, please don't hesitate to email me.

Thanks for all the contributions!

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From: Cow Country, Iowa (USA)
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