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This is some ideas for boot camp type classes. We are able to utilize the gym in the winter and outside in the summer months. Out side is great! The parking lot has curbs that we use like benches and we have many hilly areas that we sprint, hop, and bear crawl up.

The class that I teach is a level 6 class out of 6 levels, these people are the athletes.

One of the toughest drills I have done is a simulated parachute run. They partner up with another member of similar size (I do have one semi-pro basketball player 7' and 280 pounds, it takes two of us to hold him.) Each group of two people have two bands (we have the longer tubes with the black handles, it does not matter which band is used but I think the light, or yellow band would not be a good choice.) The first person puts the bands around their waist, the second person holds onto the handles. The first person sprints across the gym, while the second person provides resistance, (the second person causes drag buy sitting in a squat position while being pulled across the gym.) We do this down and back and then switch leads. We will repeat the exercise so each person does it four times.

Usually I will combine this exercise with circuits, maybe 8 minuts of cardio circuits (40 seconds cardio and 20 seconds transition) and then repeat the parachute drill. I will then do the circuits again and repeat the parachute drill one more time.

I usually pick hard circuits, like; plyometric lunges, squat jumps, burpees, tuck jumps, star jumps, and maybe a few core conditioning exercises like; plank position with feet on wall, on back holding head up, and flutter kicking feet.

I hope someone can use these ideas, this particular workout is geared to work on power. Have your participants do the parachute drill and then just do some sprints, they will almost fall down without the drag behind them.

Write me if you need more tough ideas, I have been teaching this class twice a week for 3 1/2 years and try to change the format every week. So I have a ton of ideas! Take care and have fun!

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From: Cottage Grove, Minnesota (USA)
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