Damn, it worked! Int/Adv step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14408)

First 32:

  1. Up 'n' Lunge for two (turning to face side) straddle down (8)
  2. Walkaway knee (two single knee, one on step one to the back) (8)
  3. Revolving door (8)
  4. Repeater (anything they like) (8)

This changes legs, which is nice, because it means none of the combos that follow need to, but everytime you go from the top you're automatically switching legs each time through.

Second 32:

  1. 8 Count baby mambo (stomp left then right then one away from the step) (8)
  2. Chasse back to the step (2) Double knee (6)
  3. Stomp halfway around the world (stomp, straddle down, stomp, down, down off the back) straight into a double knee (12)
  4. Single knee over the step back home (4)

Third 32:

  1. Jazz step, single knee (knee open to the left corner) (8)
  2. Basic step diagonally to other end (4)
  3. Single kick to home (4)
  4. Curl over and back (8)
  5. Mambo, pivot (8)

Fourth 32:

  1. Mambo swing (8)
  2. Reverse turn, single kick (8)
  3. Double stomp, mambo on top, down down (10)
  4. Single stomp, reverse turn (6)

Fifth 32:

  1. Up 'n' skate (8)
  2. 1/2 L-step, over the top (8)
  3. Single kick, mambo (8)
  4. Cross curl repeater (touch other side of step in between curls but still exit home) (8)

* Mambo swing: start right leg. Mambo to the left side of the step (right,left) step up and hop with a side leg raise (right) two swings (half a pendulum) (left, right) step down (left,right).

** My reverse turn is a basic that turns 360 and still ends up home.

Hope it all makes sense, have fun, this will do a good hour's stepping, sometimes a bit more!

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From: Berkshire (United Kingdom)
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