Thigh and Hip Killer with HOT WATER

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First of all, thanks for the wonderful combinations! I've basically taught myself numerous routines from all of your contributions! I teach a Cardio Kick/Athletic Challenge class, and my attendees just love it when I throw this exercise in at towards the end of my class. It's an awesome workout for the thighs and hips!

With a step (I encourage my members to add one more riser on each side than usual):
March on top
Proceed with lunges on the right foot only. After 2 counts of 8, I encourage them to bend that left knee, and take the lunges a little lower - with all of their weight in that left foot. I encourage, again, for them to take it even lower (as long as it is comfortable) for another 2 sets of 8, and hold it there for the last 2 sets of 8.

Immediately after, we play "HOT WATER!" I tell them that the carpet is hot hot water, and just to tap their toe on the carpet, without putting any weight in that toe for quick pulse count (usually 8 sets of 8) I then follow with 2 sets of lunges. I also remind them throughout the duration to put all of the weight in that left (bench) foot. We then repeat with the other leg.

I almost always get a "I was so sore - THANKS!" after that one!

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From: Grapevine, Texas (USA)
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