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This is my first entry. I took a circle step workshop at the DCAC convention and loved it. I have been doing it with my class ever since. Lots of fun. Depending how large your class is. Put steps vertically around in a circle. Add various risers for interval. This would be one large circle or oval depending on space. You could have more steps than participents, but everyone needs a step.

To start, have each participent stand between two steps. The whole class will move in a counter-clockwise motion. Facing center circle.

Warm Up: Walk up and back 1X. 2 Charleston kicks right lead. Over the top and exit, mambo cha cha cha bench right foot turn outer circle and mombo left on the floor. Repeat left

First combo.:Straddle across. Straddle up right and exit right. Kick left turn outer circle and kick right. Stay facing outer circle. Over the top double (go over two steps) end in a leg out repeater. Repeat combo. Left lead moving to the left. Combo will end right lead facing center circle.

Second combo: Knee straddle, double knee up repeater exit. Stomp right foot on next bench, turn stomp left same bench facing outer circle. Bob and weave (left foot lead moving to the left walk around one end keep moving and walk around the other end in a 1/2 a figure eight) A-step then mambo or pivot. Repeat left lead facing outer circle moving to the left.

Third combo: Right lead facing inner circle. 1 diagonal exit, 2 jumping jacks back, doubla A-step across two benches. Turn straddle turn with a knee up repeater at the end. This last move stays on same bench, you stay facing inner circle and you could start the whole class from the top left lead moving clockwise.

I hope you could follow this. It takes some time to prepare, but it is worth it. Questions or comments feel free to contact me. Hopefully, Circle Step will gain a bigger interest.

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From: Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (USA)
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