Lethal Leslie #19

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14191)

Horizontal step, tapless, self-reversing

Warm Up

Cross toe taps - you just tap the corners of the step with your toes

Reverse skate 2 - you start out on the north side of the step, so facing the east corner, right foot up(1), left ham turning to face the front (2), left foot at west corner (3), right ham still facing the front (4), exit back right left (5,6)

Repeat in-out-in = this is on the end of the step, left corner, right foot on step (1), left knee up (2), left foot touches floor close to step (3), left foot touches floor away from step (4), left foot touches floor close to step again (5), left knee up (6), exit back left-right (7,8). On counts 3,4,5 you are bouncing a little.

Combo #1

Repeat 2 mambo forward - facing the end, right foot up and repeat 2 with left knee (1-4), left foot mambos forward on top of the step and right foot lifts slightly (5), right foot down behind left foot at the end of the step and left foot lifts moving back (6), exit back left right (7,8)

Combo #2

Repeat 2 jog over right corner - first four counts are the repeater 2 part, left foot down at south side of step (5), right foot on floor towards east corner (6), left foot on floor at northeast side of step (7), right foot on floor at northwest corner (8), you are now facing the back

Combo #3

(this is an easy combo to give them a brain break)

Combo #4

* leading right - go over long way right left (1,2), right foot stomps floor at east end and left foot lifts slightly (3), left foot back on the step and east end and right lifts (4), exit back right left (5,6)

Combo #5

L-step 3 knees - right foot at west corner (1), left knee (2), left foot down on floor at west end of step kind of turning towards the step (3), right knee up facing east wall (4), right foot on floor (5), left knee up (6), walk two left right towards east end of step (7,8)

Shuffle tic toc (6) - left lead - starting out with a shuffle turn (1&2) (so left foot is on the step, right foot is in the air), right foot to step at east corner and left leg swings out to side (3), left foot to step and right leg swings out (4), exit right left turning in to face the step (5,6)

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