Therabands in the pool add resistance

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My class has been getting stronger and building endurance and wants to work harder. Here are some of the things I have been doing to help my class achieve this.

Using therabands in the water:

We bought therabands for about $4 each--the tougher ones last longer in the pool--so green, blue, black, and silver are the way to go.

We step on the bands with both feet holding the ends in your hands. This allows us to work the legs. We do a step touch move back and forth across the pool. If this is too easy, instruct them not to let the band go slack in between their steps (i.e. keep the tension in the band and start a little bit wider).

Next I stop the class, and we isolate each leg by kicking one leg out to the side (foot facing forward, body stable/strong). We call it a hip abductor kick. Switch legs.

Then go back to the step touch for another minute.

I also give their legs a break by doing bicep curls (keep 2 feet on the band) and upright rows (one foot on the band).

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