Big Band Workout

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 14209)

Band with handles is all that is needed for this workout!

Standing, wrap band around foot:

Repeat whole series other leg

Side to sides (with both feet in band, hands on shoulders)
Step 2 to right, 2 to left (great for glutes and outer thighs)

Lay on floor or bench, band under bench or lower back:
chest flies, chest presses (singles, doubles and pulses)

Inner thighs: (still lying on step or floor) (with handles of band on each foot securely, and feet flexed*)
Open and close legs, then add an ankle-cross at top
Now, hold legs open and pulse
Then, hold legs open, add abdominal crunches:
(as you crunch up, legs go open, as you lower crunch, close legs)

Pushups with band across shoulders (handles or band under hands**)
Planks with band across shoulders, then add knee kisses to planks, (bring knee toward chest, then straighten, alternating knees) Then add twist to knee kiss (just a slight twist to opposite side, working obliques)

*When placing the band handles on shoes, put the plastic handle (if there is one) on the sole of the shoe, and remind class to make sure the handle is secure.

**Modification is to do these without the band, and many will prefer that. It is hard for some to keep the band in place across the shoulder blades.

This is a full hour class, depending on how many repetitions in each set. It is very important to cue good posture when using bands, and if posture is suffering, advise them to use an easier band, or move feet closer together, or even use one foot only in band.

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