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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14217)

Have the students partner up with a student of a similar height, as this is the easiest when learning a new move. They will be toe to toe, right to right, guard hands, no gear is okay if light or no contact. No rings! The attacker(A) will be listed first, defender(D) second. Do each drill 10x right to right, then 10x left to left.

1. A throws a slow lead jab for the head, aiming past D's right ear. D Bobs completely under punch, guard in place (squat, don't bend). Teacher walks around watching for people jabbing too hard and fast for the D to respond, for guard hands to be in place on both D and A.

2. A throws lead jab for right ear of D, D ducks under and executes a right upward block to the underside of A's upper arm, and throws a left vertical punch for the ribs or abs. D's back foot, hips and shoulders rotate forward. Both A and D return to guard at same time.

3. A throws lead jab. D rides the punch (shifts weight to back leg, moves face and torso back as punch comes in), throws lead leg kick. If the kick is a round house, the target is the abs, if a side or rear kick, ribs.

4. A throws a lead hand back knuckle to D's right temple. D executes a right outward block (from left to right) to the outside of A's striking arm, knocking it off the line of attack, D's left hand punches for the head or ribs, with the back foot, hips and shoulders pivoting forward.

5. Foot position change; A has feet shoulder width apart, D has left leg close to A, right leg back. A holds up both hands in front of their own shoulders, shoulder high and shoulder width apart. Hands are flat, fingers together, palms facing forward, fingers up. D can now practice a variety of punches. Create your own variations by changing the number of strikes, cross (stike right to right) punching or directStrike right to left) punching. A "jab" is a lead hand punch, a "punch" is a backhand punch. Pivot the back foot, hips and shoulders on the "punch".

Here's a few examples:

Correct guard position has the forearms in front of the chest forearms vertical, in between the opponent and attacker. To help the students find the right spot, stand behind them as they do a drill, and place your hands by their sides, forward of their ribs, and tell them not to hit your hands with their elbows. Their elbows should stay within the width of their body, in front of their body.

I'll post some more soon. I teach cardio kickboxing, as well as karate and Tai Chi, and have been fighting since 1988.

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