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Hi there!!! I haven't submitted anything for a while. Hope you can use this. I try to build up my body sculp by alternating arms, legs, and tummies so that the one rests while I work on the other. This is last week's lesson.

I normally start with an aerobic type warm up of about 15 minutes and then move on to the main work out. I will give the movements and you can then work out your own reps and rythm to suit your class

I used 1 kilogram hand weights for arms, 1 kilogram ankle weihgts for legs.

Starting with shoulders: On one knee (sort of a lunge position) do a 1) rear deltoid press (arms bent at 90 degrees and elbows to ceiling and upper body leaning slightly forward and then by following the elbows you move the arms up and down - elbows go up to shoulder height and then down again. 2) lateral raise (upper body now upright) 3) tricep kickback right arm 4) tricep kickback left arm

Then go into a hover position (push up position but then on elbows and toes) for a 20-30 count and rest for a few counts x 3 (great for tummies)

Move onto legs: on knees and elbows:
1) rear lift right leg
hover position (as above)
2) rear lift left leg
Hover position(as above)

Back to arms. Sit back on your heels and do a 1) shoulder press- hands straight overhead not meeting in the middle (palms to the front)

Then come onto your knees again, tilt your pelvis forward, squeeze your butt and lean back VERY SLOWLY and come up again SLOWLY. You can choose repitions but build a "hold for a few counts " into the movement when you get all the way back - it really works those upper thigh muscles.

2) Lateral overhead raise with palms to ceiling and hands meeting at the top.

Back on you knees as above

3) Pose curl (bicep curl with arms extended to sides-shoulder level)

Back on knees

Move on to you tummy muscles and cooldown.

Please feel free to mail with questions.
Cheers, Suzette

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