Sonia's Wild Cards I (Cardio Interval Class)

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This is a cardio interval class. For the one minute cardio blasts I write the drill on a 3 x 5 card. On the front side I write the words Wild Card. As each person comes in they pick a card. I choose 5 of the cards so that no similar drills are repeated. The Wild Cards they choose are used for the anaerobic intervals. The recovery is 4 - 5 minutes of basic to intermediate combos on the step. I also have Step Wild Cards and sometimes let them pick those too.

On the anaerobic interval encourage them to work at their own level. Low impact or high impact; low intensity or high intensity; or mix it up. The requirement is that they become somewhat breathless during that one minute. A good comparison is sprinting (one minute blast), versus moderate walking speed (step recovery). They do not need to stay with the music during the one minute blast either, nor do they need to follow you. Start with the lowest intensity and impact. Get them moving and start the stopwatch. GO!!

Warm-up - insert your own or make it out of the step combos. I have a good one using moves from Combo 1..I will try to post that too.

Combo 1

Repeat left.

Wild Card 1

On the floor: skate; swing the arms side to side....get low like a speed skater. The standing leg hops a little as the opposite leg curls. Low impact: alternate hamcurls.

Combo 2

Repeat left.

Wild Card 2

On the floor: crOss country ski (aka, running man). Low impact: alternate lunges back.

Combo 3

Repeat left.

Wild Card 3

On the floor: tick tocks (aka pendulum)..go fast and hop as you swing the foot to the side. Low impact: alternate abductor lifts.

Combo 4

Repeat left.

Wild Card 4

On the floor: fast feet. On the balls of the feet do tiny fast runs. Roll the hands/fists around each other. Move the hands up and back down as they roll. Low impact: big marches with rolling hands.

Combo 5

Wild Card 5

Choose another 1 minute drill or do each of the previous 4 for 30 seconds each. This will be a 2 minute drill.

May finish with this:

With right foot on step lunge down/up 8x; turn to the left and keeping the right foot on the step plie 8x; turn left to the back keeping the right foot on the step and lunge down/up 8x. March to face the step and repeat left.

This helps lower the heart rate, but still engages the large muscles of the lower body. Do your cool down standing on the floor using all low impact moves (hi/low).

Please email any questions. Let me know if you try this. My classes love "Wild Card" night! Oh, the combinations can also be used as a regular step routine as they flow together. If time permits and energy permits you can finish the class by putting the 5 combos together.


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