Have a ball

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14319)

You need enough small playground balls for everyone. Uou can often find them at the dollar store. Take some of your favorite patterns and have participants hold on to the ball. It adds fun, mental concentration, more resistance, and a lot of color! Here are some moves:

Knees up - tap the ball on the knee. Front kicks - pass the ball under the leg as you lift it. Inside ankles - tap the ankle as you lift it towards the surface. Arms - two hands on the ball, circle front/circle back while jogging forward and back. 4 side steps - reach out in the direction you are going with the ball in the leading. After 4 steps pass the ball over head to the other hand (very pretty when they do it all together!!!!) I hope this makes sense, there are no limits!

Play keep away from my ball: Each participant has a ball. Everyone try to steals everyone else's ball. You can not hold on to your ball but you can guard it. We jog around the shallow end for 30 to 60 seconds/ stop the game and find out who the ball hog is, give back the balls and play again. This is a light- hearted humorous competitive experience. Have fun!

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