32 Count, crossphrased, Adv-Int

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14336)

Here is a quick 32 for y'all!

Right lead

Ready to go on left!!


Repeat above on left-- balancing the moves. End on right lead

Turnstraddle, revolve, karate knee two times and end with repeater to move to left. Repeat

Explain the revolve into karate with two knees while they hold curls (your choice of hold move, haven't done any so good choice)

So...turnstraddle 1-4, revolve 5-6, step step step 7-9, knee 10, step 11, knee 12 back to bench ---do it with them and hold stomps on alternate corners for 4 and a basic

Do it again --hold stomps for 4 and basic. Ask to step up and stomp off the sides and straddle down ---hold the straddle position for two more marches and glute squeeze home

Hold the squeezes or V-steps are a good hold

Practice the stomps for 4 and basic. Up and stomp off and straddle (four marches on floor in total), glute exit. Try right again with the up and stomp off, straddle and glute exit and then left again

Now from the top--turnstraddle revolve karate two knee exit, up up and stomp off the sides straddle down for total of 4 marches, glute exit (propel that glute a bit to get a good orientation for turnstraddle)

Last change is to tango over on the 2 extra marches on the floor and voila!!! Questionss bring em on...Kim

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