Shake it up Step (Advanced, Tap Free)

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Been awhile, it seem, but I think it's just it take sometime for patterns to come up, well here's some of my choreography for you.

Step: Horizontal
Level: Advanced
Type: Self-reversing, tap free

Assumes a right lead, cross phrasing where indicated:

Combo I

Total 64 counts

* Reverse pivot, you are in the straddle from the first move put right foot on bench, pivot turning to follow you back and straddle down again. Right foot on bench (1) swing left leg to follow back (1), straddle down, left (1), right (1)

** Walk Away Joe: start to step diagonal on the bench, right (1) left (1), step down from diagonal right (1), left (1), step forward right (1), pivot (1) walk back toward the bench right (1), left (1)

Combo II

Total 64 counts

* 1/2 Rocking horse done on top of the bench. Step up right (1), curl left (1), put left foot on bench, instead of floor (1), while lifting the right knee (1), then straddle down right, left (2)

Combo III

Total 64 counts

* Reverse split back, as any usual split back, but foot change on bench to turn body. Step up right (1) foot change to left (1) lunge back right (1), left (1), step down on away side of bench facing back of room, right (1), left (1)

** Reverse V-step, simply turns your body on the step as you do the V. Step up right foot in left corner (1), turning body, left foot in right corner (1) IF YOU STOPPED HERE YOU WOULD BE ON TOP OF THE BENCH, FACING THE BACK WALL, step down right (1), step down left (1) on away side of bench.

*** V-Mambo (NOT MY MOVE, CREDIT TO JACQUE MELEAR), Right foot at left corner of bench (1), left foot off left side of bench in the V pattern (1) Right foot crosses behind left (1), while lifting left foot (1)

**** Special L-step. Right foot at left corner (1) lift left knee (1) (as a regular L-step) As you step down to the floor, left (1) turn your body, so that you are facing the length of the bench and ready to step up left (1) lift right knee (1), exit off away side of the bench right (1), left (1). You are now on away side of bench, facing back wall.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

** Revolving door, is a tap free over the top. Start right foot (1) left foot (1), as you step down on away side of bench, turn your body, step down right (1), left (1), Repeat, starting with right foot again (4)

Well that's it for now, enjoy. Email questions.


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