Hay Fever

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14339)

All blocks are tapless and self-reversing. Four 32-count blocks, one 64. Anything with 2 stars (**) has an explanation following.

Explanations (all start on right lead for arguments' sake):

*V cha-cha: Also known as (AKA) V-swoop, V-slide. It's a V-step followed by a mambo on the floor. (counts 1-4) V-step, right lead (5) right foot mambos wide to the left side, crossing over the left leg (6) left foot steps in place on the floor (7-8) step right-left-right back to the step.

*Freeze the knee: AKA Hop the knee, Stick the knee, Hesitation, Hold the knee. Hop up on the step with the knee lifted, hold one count. (count 1) right foot hops up on left corner, knee lifted (2) hold in place (3) left foot down (4) right foot down.

*Double turn: AKA 6-point turn. The base move for this variation is 2 turnsteps, and they can just do 2 turnsteps if they want. You turnstep, leave the following foot up on the step, turnstep back, and mambo back on the floor. (count 1) right foot up on step (2) left foot steps up wide, as in a turnstep (3) right foot down on floor, as in a turnstep (4) step left foot in place on step (5) right foot steps up wide, as in a turnstep (6) left foot steps down on floor behind right (7) right foot steps on floor behind left (8) left foot steps in place on floor.

*Slam: Jump up, step down. It's a high-impact tap up. (1) right and left feet jump up together on right corner (2) hold in place (3) right foot down (4) left foot down.

*L-step cha-cha: An L-step with a triple step in the middle to make it tapless. (1) Step right foot up left corner (2) lift left knee (3-4) step left-right left on the floor on the left end of the step (5) step right foot up on left corner (6) lift left knee (7-8) left foot down on floor, right foot down on floor.

*Chasse over: A double time over-the-top, rock behind on the floor. (count 1) right foot up (and) left foot up (2) right foot down on opposite side of step (3) left foot steps behind right (4) right foot steps in place on floor.

*Double knee, weave over: Weave over is AKA sail over, cross behind, scissor over, grapevine over. It's an over the top where you cross the following leg behind. (1) step right leg on left corner (2-4) lift left knee twice, tapping down in between (AKA 2-knee repeater) (5) tap left foot on floor (6) cross left leg behind right, moving over the top (you need to unload the right leg here – there should be a hop involved) (7) left leg down on floor (8) right leg down on floor (you are finishing on the opposite side of the step from where you started)

*Curb walk: I'm not blown away by this name for this step, especially because there are lots of versions of curb walks and curb steps, but am not sure what else to call it. It's sort of a walk off the end, turn to the back of the room. (1) step right foot on left corner (2) step left foot off the end, crossing over the right and starting a turn toward the left shoulder (inside, TOWARD the step) (3-4) walk right/left to the front of the step, completing the turn.

Two curb walk notes: (1) When breaking this down, if you have the class just hold in a mambo in place, you can show one curb walk, one mambo (you'll be facing them, but on the same side of the step), another curb walk, and then you'll mambo with them. (2) You can go right into another curb walk, which will bring you back around front. I don't in this combo, but just note for future reference that the step can be a 4-count OR 8-count curb walk (which can replace a traveling mambo).

*Kick cha-cha: Step kick, triple step on the floor. (1) step right foot on left corner of step (2) kick left leg (3-4) step left-right-left in place on floor.

*Flip L-step: AKA Turning L-step. 2 L-steps, turning toward the step in between, and exiting facing the back of the room. (1) step right foot on left corner (2) lift left knee (3-4) walk left-right on the floor off the left end of the step, turning the body toward the step to the back of the room (5) step left foot on step (6) lift right knee (7-8) exit right/left, facing the back of the room.

*Spiral over: A hop turn with a traveling exit. (1) step right foot on step (2) pivot 180 degrees with a hop on the right foot, moving over the top (3-4) walk left/right on the floor, turning toward the step to complete the remaining 180 degrees of rotation. (this replaces an over the top – if you do one repetition leading with the right leg, the next step begins on the opposite side of the step with a left lead.)

*Over 2 lunges: A revolving door with 2 alternating side-to-side lunges in the middle. (1) step right foot on top (2) step left foot on top (3) right leg lunges off the front of the step (4) right leg back to top (5) left leg lunges off the back of the step (6) left leg back to top (7-8) exit right/left off the front of the step, turning toward the step so the right leg leads the next step. I usually end up cueing 'Over 2 lunges, revolve.'

*Rocking horse, chasse over: knee lift, ham curl, chasse to the other side. (1) step right foot on left corner (2) left leg ham curl (3) left foot down on floor (4) lift right knee (5-6) move over the top right-left right (7) step left foot on floor on front side of step (8) step right foot on floor in front of left.

Please feel free to email me with questions, comments, queries, or criticism. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks as always to all of the moderators of and contributors to this site!

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