Fitness Yoga for starters

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Here is a sample format off the top of my head - hope it helps. Most of these poses are in the Yogafit manual or check

Sunflowers (to warm up)

Enter into work phase: Do any combo you like using warrior, traingle, extended angle, pyramid. One of my favorite combos is:

Start in crescent lunge. Move into twisting lunge. Move into extended angle. Lift upper body so now you are in warrior II. Change to reverse warrior, back to warrior II, Then to warrior I. Straighten legs. Hips and shoulders square to front toe. Forward fold into pyramid or twisting triangle. Step back into plank, then up dog, down dog. Plank into side plank. Return to plank. Step opposite foot forward into crescent lunge and start the entire combo over on the otherside.

Chair pose. Move to twisting chair. Exhale into forward fold, monkey, forward fold. Roll up to mountain. Repeat chair, twist to opposite side and repeat.

Transition from work phase using any balance pose you choose. (i.e. tree, eagle, dancer or a more difficult one such as crow or extended big toe balance)

After balance poses = transition to deep strech portion of class. I usually start with a back bend (i.e. camel pose). Then rest in child's pose. Transition to the floor, laying on abdomen. Practice lotus pose, then bow. Back to child's pose. Practice knot pose. Have a seat. Work into boat pose. Butterfly pose. One-legged seated forward fold. Seated Spinal Twist. Seated Pigeon Pose. Table pose (or inverted plank). Lay down and practice bridge pose. Plow pose. Fish. Lying spinal twist. Happy Baby Pose.

Final Relaxation or Corpse Pose

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