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Combo 1

When I am breaking this down I start with 2 basics then 2 V-steps. I then make it 1 basic 1 V-step. I then do the basic lunges for 32 counts then I put together 1 basic i V and the basic lunge. Then add the reverse V-step that brings us to the other side of the bench. I then do 3 corner knees left right left then that puts you on a left lead. I then do the pattern again the same way I did it facing the front. But when I do the reverse V-step from facing the back of the room I then add the double knee right corner single knee left corner 1 jack. Then I put it all together. I hope that isn't too confusing.

Combo 2

Ok 3 hams on top--step up right lead left ham right ham left ham then step together on the top of the step and step off of the left end of the step. Squat 2X across is a pulse 2 squat then across the top. The movement is kinda weird but if you say it in your head you will get it. You step off the end pulse down squat then pulse down and push up across the top you repeat that 3 times. Squat 2X double kick is a pulse 2 squat with a quick 2 kicks on the right you then step back and do 1 left knee lift on the front of the bench.

Combo 3

Ok 1 turnstep then a shuffle turn those are self explainable. a shuffle straddle is like a shuffle turn. You shuffle up right foot straddle down then you shuffle backwards with the left foot. So I say shuffle up straddle shuffle back. For the next part I start it as a double knee on each corner then a basic right. Then I change it to a double knee on the right corner with the 2 stomps on the right corner and 2 stomps on the left which puts you on a left lead.

Combo 4

Rocking horse is knee ham knee or ham knee ham or knee knee knee. For the next part I start it as an I-step you step up and jack then step down and jack. I then do basic lunge. Then I do an I-step and basic lunge. Then I add a turnstep. then I do 1/2 I-step and lunge back 2 then exit. I then have them hold with a basic. You will hear that you are 2 counts off of the phrase of the music but you will get right back on with the next move. You will then turn straddle do a double knee straddle 1 single knee exit and turn to face the front. You will have switched leads.

Combo 5

Revolving door is over the top right lead turn in go back over the top right lead and turn in again. 1/2 L-step left end of step. Go across the top and back. Ok 1/4 turn straddle is a 1/4 turn forward toward the left straddle down and do a repeater knee with the right knee tap down and repeat the pattern on a left lead.

Combo 6

First turn straddle then kick left straddle again the do a right knee (1/2 L-step) off the right end of the step. Then lunge left right 2 and exit left (longways) if they don't want to lunge they can go across the top and tap up 1 time. Return your L-step then do a left lead I-step.

Combo 7

Ok a zorro is like walking up on the side of the step 4 counts. Then so a side leg lift off of the left corner then a right side kick (both the side leg and side kick are 4 counts together) after you kick step down on the bench then go across the top then do a left side kick and go back across then do a right side kick step down on the step and return the L-step do a basic left and a V jack. V jack is up in out in kick and exit or 2 V-steps same thing.

Hope you like this email me with any questions

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