This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14670)

AB WORK 1 : 30,90,180

(I usually repeat this series twice)

Making this more intense. -counting to 60. (6 sets, 10 crunches in each set)

(again, repeating this series 10 times- feel the burn!)

AB WORK 2: Using the ball and climbing the rope!

Beginning slow- then becoming more intense

Climbing the 'rope' involves tightening abs and alternating arms, pulling upward right,left at an imaginary rope. Make sure abs are tightened at all times and shoulders are off the ball. Also, to make this workable for all work out levels let them count out their own climbs on the rope. So they can control the speed.

AB WORK 3: Obliques!

Lying on the right side, with the body perpendicular to the floor (although knees sligthtly bent), lie the right arm straight out, place the left behind the head for the oblique crunch. Focus upward on the crunch.

...ouch, there go the love handles.. on the right side. Now, switch to the left side.

Make sure to stretch out abs!

Now that abs are done.. we must work the back

Lying on the stomach with the arms by side, slowly lift sholders and head off the mat- do not have any stress on the arms..

Now adding on.. using opposing arm and leg

STRETCH BACK.. using childs pose.

Hope you now have AB instead of FLAB!

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