Ball Strengthening Fun in the Deep End

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I introduced my class to playground balls over a year ago and it's still one of the favorite parts of class for them! After our cardio workout we always head to the side and grab our balls while I change the music to something a little less intense :o)

We only do a few basic moves each day but find the balls give us more resistance than hand buoys or noodles.

1) Hold hands at top and slightly to the sides of the ball with legs both pointing to the bottom (you may need to kick a little to adjust for personal buoyancy, but keeping feet toward bottom will engage your abdominals and give added benefit to all the ballwork exercises!) Keep elbows in close to your sides and push the ball down toward thighs and slowly let it raise back to the surface. We do this about 12X

2) Hold ball to one side with hand on that side on top of ball and other hand balancing ball on the side. keep feet toward bottom, again. Elbow pointing back and then push ball toward hip and slowly bring it back to surface. We do this only about 8X, since it's much more difficult to push the ball under with one hand than with both! Repeat on other side.

3) Now bring ball back to center and put both hands on top at sides again. Have arms nearly straight out in front of you this time as you pull the ball down and slowly let it return to the surface. This move is to work the shoulders, so once you start pushing ball down keep elbows locked in place and feet down. Do about 12X.

4) The last one is everybody's favorite! Move to the side of the pool and push the ball down and grip between your knees, ankles, or instep of feet; hold onto side of pool once you've got the ball gripped in place. (the further down you grip the ball, the more difficult the exercise will be) Now extend your feet toward the bottom then bend knees to sides and bring back up. Repeat for 2-3 minutes. This is an AWESOME leg and butt exercise. Once your class is comfortable with this move you can encourage them to move away from the side of the pool and do this while floating to add a balance and core strengthening aspect to the exercise. The ladies in my class absolutely LOVE IT when they each finally get to where they can master the foot grip and balance floating; and they have a lot of fun watching each other fall off the ball and do a dunk from time to time too! ;-)

Have fun!

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