Adv-step-choreo-Tony - no # 1

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All patterns are self-reversing for practice and weaving them together, my patterns are all 32 count phrases except for combo no#1, I am not sure why, but I like it the way it should teach each combo separatly, then add on, by means of weaving them. Combo one should take you into combo 2 with left lead, then 3 of the right lead....etc so all in all 123456 then backwards 654321 and with the leads, right/left/right/left/right/left then left/right/left/right/left/right, makes sense? Hope so, if not email me. This first PATTERN is the first of 9 that I will submit, it is also the easiest of my advanced choreography, hope you enjoy!

Pattern 1

Combo 1

Repeat on the left

Combo 2

Repeat on the left, on the back of the step =)

* Fancy L-step is an L-step but when you get to the side of the bench you do a backward skate like in combo one, that brings you to the other side and then you do it again to return

Combo 3

* 3 mambos and a pivot is on the floor with a ball change in between each mambo and the finally a pivot, so (mambo right ball change and left ball change and right ball change and pivot left) (16), if you want to make this more interesting make them do all the same footwork but don't let them change direction to guide foot work, they could do all the mambo ball changes facing one direction, then turning after the last ball change to do the pivot, need help? email me

I am turning in work on these three, practice weaving them and I will post combos 4 5 6 tomorrow

Antonio Sinopoli
Toronto, Canada

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From: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
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