Isolated Arms With Weights

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It's about time I post some patterns as a big THANK YOU to all who have submitted and made planning my classes so much easier.

This is a list of moves that can be completed at once or broken apart to fit into your class however best suits your teaching style.

I often like to take a good 15-20 minutes in the second half of class to isolate the arms with the use of water weights and have found that these moves can be coupled with isolated leg moves (so that you alternate working upper and lower body) or can be combined together to really tire the arms out. (For anyone who teaches Body Scultping as well, you'll notice that most of these are familiar moves and can also be done on land with weights.)

Remember to tell your class to keep their hands and thus, weights, in the water the whole time even if you get out to show them the next move... they'll get more out of it if they retain that resistence.

Bring your class into the shallow end and have them come down into a squat or lunge position so that their shoulders are submerged in the water. Keep feet on floor at all times (this really gives the abs a good workout too). No moving torso through the water, only your arms should be moving.



Please feel free to email me if you need any clarifications, and happy teaching!

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