Tapless step / BOSU cardio

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14689)

My step class is 1/2 BOSU, 1/2 step. I'll describe all the moves on the step for simplicity. (Most moves can be adapted to BOSU)

Combo #1 Right leg leading

Repeat on left leg

Combo #2 Right leg leading

Repeat on left leg

Combo #3 Right leg leading

Repeat on left leg

Combo #4 Right leg leading

Repeat on left leg

* Notes

Knee lift: I usually evolve these into "power knees". Like a "pony", add a syncopated hop up on right foot, simultaneously lift left knee to chest and hold, step down left, then right on counts 3 and 4.

Double knee, walk behind: this is one of the trickiest moves in the pattern, especially for those not used to "tapless step". Teach by holding class in "knee lifts", facing the back of the class, after exiting from the 3 side lunges.

Turnstep karate kick: as you come out of the turnstep, walk backwards, front kick on 6, and walk back to bench on 7 & 8. This move changes your lead leg. Most people catch on quickly if you count it out.

Jump shots: pretend you are shooting a basketball. Step up on right foot, hop on right foot, step down to floor on left foot. These are great for increasing cardiovascular intensity.

Mambo cha, cha, cha: mambo is 1 rock/stomp on the bench and 1 ball change on the floor behind you. Teach 2 mambos first, then add the "cha cha cha" (3 quick marches). Right foot stomp, then march in place right,left, right (instead of the ballchange) (4 counts). Then repeat on the left foot. You can add directional changes on the cha cha cha or add a straddle to the mambo.

I hope you find something you can use!

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From: Bryan, Texas (USA)
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