Sonia's Wild Cards III (Cardio Interval Class)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14692)

For a description of this class please see routine #14225.

The step is horizontal. Combos are 32 counts, self-reversing, and tapless.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Wild Card 1

On the floor. Fast heels: alternate heel digs - make it fast and furious adding a hop or keep it low impact with one foot on the floor.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Wild Card 2

On the floor. Horse stance squat: assume wide based squat, hands at guard. From squatted position move right 1&2&3& - on four pull the left knee up and at the same time bend slightly at the waist taking the left elbow toward the left hip. The knee is pulled from the outside of the hip rather than from the front. Don't ever come completely out of the squat. Repeat left, right, left etc. Lower intensity or bad knees - don't squat, just side step and do the hip/knee thingy.

Combo 3

Repeat left

Wild Card 3

With your side to the short end of the step, go across and back. Add propulsions or revolves.

Combo 4

Repeat left

Wild Card 4

On the step. up right/left, 10x alternate lunges, exit right/left, 1x repeater knee. Repeat left. Repeat right/left.

Combo 5

Repeat left

Wild Card 5

On the floor. Shuffle and jump: shuffle right on 1&2&3 and jump on 4. Repeat left. Repeat alternately. Lower intensity: may just do double step touches adding a small hop or no hop on 4.

The combinations can be used as a step routine without the drills as they are designed to flow together.

*Broken repeater: (1,2) step up right, knee lift left, (3,4,5) tap the left toes on the floor 3 x - try tapping in a little circle back, which will require a small hop on the right foot, (6) lift the left knee, (7,8) exit left/right.

Email any questions. I love to hear from you!

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From: Texas (USA)
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