Musical Noodles

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Much like the child's game of musical chairs, start with everyone on a noodle in the deep end. Pick a move for the students to do such as skiing. For 1 minute they ski. After 1 minute everyone gets off their noodles and skis around the deep end for 1 more minute. Students must get away from their noodles.

Instructor takes one noodle out of the pool and then closes her/his eyes for ten seconds and then yells "Grab a noodle!" Someone will be left in the deep end with no noodle. The game continues picking a different movement each time with the person without the noodle participating either in the deep end or they may return to the shallow end but must continue the move you have picked. 1 minute on, 1 minute off, noodle away, grab and repeat until one noodle is left. Whoever is left with the noodle is the winner.

I've also done this between sets. Start in the shallow with shoulders out of the water. Complete about 15 minutes of aerobics and then send them out to the deep end playing the same way as above but do two rounds losing two noodles. Then return to the shallow end with shoulders under. Complete 10 minutes of aerobics and then send them to the deep again completing another 2 rounds of musical noodles. Return to the mid-water (shoulders under but legs straight for suspeneded moves) for 10 minutes of aerobics. Send to deep for 2 more rounds of musical moodles. Return to chest high water and jog as fast as they can for 2 minutes. Return to deep for 2 more rounds and then stay in the deep for side of the pool abdominals and noodle abdominals. Last 7 minutes total relaxation. You might have to take away more then one noodle at a time in this workout.

My classes loved it. They never laughed so hard!

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