Outer thigh blast

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14696)

Hi, here is a nice little sequence for the outer thighs and hips. It takes about 12 minutes so can easily be fitted in at the end of a class.

To start - lie on side, legs straight, bring legs forward and together so you can see your feet. More advanced participants can try to get a 90 degree angle between legs and body. Lift top leg about 6 inches - no higher than hip height.

Now the torture starts...

1. Move top leg backwards and forwards about 12 inches - 2 counts forwards, 2 back. Make sure the leg stays parallel to the bottom leg and that the movement is always controlled. When moving the leg back don't go beyond the bottom leg. Do 16 reps.

2. Now pull the knee into the chest and push the leg out straight parallel to the bottom leg. 2 counts in, 2 out, keep it controlled and tighten the muscles! Do 16 reps.

3. Circle the top leg forwards, this is done on a quicker count, 2 counts = 1 circle, so there is time for 16 forwards and 16 back.

4. Touch the top leg to the floor in front of the bottom leg, then to the floor behind the bottom leg. The whole move equals 1 rep and should take 4 counts. Keep it controlled and keep the top leg as straight as possible. Do 16 reps.

Now do 2 more sets but only do 4 reps of each. Your abductor muscles should be screaming.

Then we do exercise number 2....

One hands and knees. Lift bent leg up and out to the side - 16 reps on 2 counts up, 2 down. Don't go higher than hip level.

Then lift leg, bent at the knee up to the back, 16 reps, 2 counts up, 2 down. Don't go higher than hip level.

Now lift bent knee up, then down to touch the calf of the other leg which is on the floor, then up again. 16 reps.

Do 32 little pulses with the bent leg at the top.

You haven't finished though - you run through the sequence again with 4 reps of each, and 8 little pulses.

Then you do it all on the other side.

This is quite tough - but works well.

Please email me with any comments or suggestions.

Good luck to all with their teaching - hope it goes well.


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