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Hi! Here is a 64 count base Intermediate Step combo...then re-designed with Advanced layers added in. Remember,,,when you are ready to add the layers, don't think that you must add them only what you and your students are ready for and leave the rest for the next week! These combos are really not for the beginning instructor. Have fun!

Base intermediate vertical: right lead, standing on left side of step

Same combo/advanced layers: right lead, standing on left side of step

Explanation of moves

#1) Rocking horse box: from the right side of the step,,,do a rocking horse (step ham, step down knee), then do a box step on the floor (cross over, step out to side, march 2)

#2) Hangover V-step: this is just like a regular V-step, only it is from a side approach with one foot on the step, and the other foot on the floor.

#3: Charleston ski: do a regular full charleston kick, then ski front back on the floor 4x.

#4: L-squat/box & shuffle home: step knee off the end into 1 squat, then box and chasse home.

#5: Shuffle box: do a moving chachacha as if you were doing a "shuffle turnstep," then do a step knee on the floor right into a box step on the floor as you slightly back up.

#6: Hangover V-hook: this move was inspired by an instructor in Cedar Rapids Iowa! From right side of step, step wide with left foot on and right foot off (counts 1,2) a heel drag with left (count 3), then a "quick syncopated over the top" lrl (counts 4,5), then do one stomp with right from left side, and walk walk exiting off end (counts 6,7,8)...then your mambo and your pivot will get you back over to the right side, ready to begin the combo leading left!


Email me with any questions

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From: Lees Summit, Missouri (USA)
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