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I have a rhythm machine on my boom box with adjustable tempo, which I use for the last 5-10 minutes of my cardio section (depending on the fitness level of the class).

If you are lucky enough to have a machine like it, you can select a rhythm you like and start the class jogging to the beat at around 120 BPM. As all the rhythms have a nice steady beat, you can move the class forwards for 8 beats then back for 8.

Every minute or so, up the tempo by 10 BPM.

Now start to add movement patterns, to get those eddy currents moving, for example:

A V pattern - jogging to the left hand corner of your space (8 beats, remember) then back and over to the right hand corner and back.

Turn left and run forwards for 8 beats then jump 180 and return for 8 beats.

Run forwards for 8, back for 8, left for 8, back for 8, forwards again, then back, now repeat going to the right.

You can give them arm movements to help them travel (ie breaststroke arms), or, if you are feeling particularly sadistic give them arm movements which either won't help them to travel (pumping) or arm actions that will actually hinder their movements (i.e. reverse breaststroke)!!!

Keep upping the tempo until you reach 160 BPM - this really makes them work. I usually keep it at 160 for about a minute, then start to slowly decrease the tempo, bit by bit all the way down to 60 BPM. By this time they are either walking or doing comic slow motion exaggerated strides. Either way, they are starting to get their heart rates gently down.

Hope this works for you.

Any questions, please email.

Happy splashing XXX

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