Candy's Double w/ Partners

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 14624)

.           .= starting position for you & your partner
               Everyone will be on same lead leg going opposite
XXXXXX         of each other. Your Home is their Away and vise-versa.

Combo 1:

Repeat left lead on Away

* Diagonal, over the top, diagonal back, over the top. Each 4 count can be turned for variety.

Combo 2:

Repeat left lead on Away

* Up with right, left knee up, pivot in reverse direction so that you are facing front of gym, partner will be facing the back (1-2) and tap down off the small end (3-4). I've seen this called a reverse L-step. On second one, you will step down down in the middle to switch to Away step.

Combo 3:

Repeat left lead on Away

* This is like a regular indecision except you tap each foot twice instead of once. Up right,left, (1-2) tap right x 2, back up with right, (3-5),tap left x 2, back up with left, (6-8) exit right,left switch to Away bench (9-10).

** Turnstep on Away, switch to Home, turnstep, switch back to Away.

*** Right stomps on Away while left slightly lifts, down left,right (1-3) left stomps on Home while right slightly lifts, down right,left (4-6) (this is sounding really confusing but it really isn't)

Combo 4:

Repeat left lead on Away

* Up left,right,tap down with left, back up with left (1-4), down in middle with right,left (5-6). I call this a 'fake over' because you don't actually go fake it! Pretty original, huh?!?

** On Away, Up with right,left, while stepping up you do a reverse turn on top to face opposite direction (1-2), lunge x 3, then exit,tap down (3-10). You can actually turn either way on this, just make sure both feet touch the step. It is an 'UP, UP" move, not a knee or a hop turn. (Again this is sounding really confusing, but it really isn't!)

I'm gonna get lots of emails on this one, aren't I? It's not you not understanding, it's me not explaining! Good luck!

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From: Deer Park, Texas (USA)
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