Deep Water Uphill Climb

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 14635)

I just want to thank those who have already shared their moves, and to thank whoever conceived this website - it is fantastic - now to my move:

This one can be done with or without noodles - if without, use ankle cuffs for advanced participants and belts for beginners.

Move 1

Instruct participants to place hands on imaginary handle bars and cycle up a very steep hill (if you have a local hill that is a burner - use that as a visualization cue). Instruct them to push down and to pull up with power.

Move 2

Tell your class their left side pedals have broken so they are forced to pedal using one leg only while the other leg just hangs. Obviously after working the right leg, you then instruct them to work the left leg (or you can have them cycling with both legs for a sixteen count between doing left and right leg).

Move 3

When the class reaches the top of the hill have them pedal as quickly as possible to the bottom (no idling allowed, the bikes won't work on this downhill without pedalling as hard as possible). Once they've reached the bottom you can have them start again up hill.

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